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Forever, I'll Be With You~

♥ Call me "San" ;]

♥ Im Chinese but born in Vietnam. >.<

♥ I know Manderin, Cantonese, Chaozhounese, English, and barely remember some Viet. Im taking *cough cough* Spanish class but im trying to learn Jap and Korean. XD

♥ I live in the U.S

♥ Im turning 16 in December =D

♥ I luv Asian Guys. XD

♥ Im addicted to Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean Dramas

♥ Music: Engrish -> CPop -> JPop -> KPop

♥ CPop -> Fahrenheit, S.H.E, JJ Lin, Wang Lee Hom, Nicholas Teo, TANK, Xiao Zhu, Ariel Lin

♥ JPop -> all the wayy KAT-TUN, NEWS

♥ KPop -> Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Super Junior M, Super Junior H, DBSK, Se7en, Rain

♥ Im totally JIN-BIASED! XD

♥ AkaKame is my OTP!

♥ Lately, I have a new obsession over a JE pairing, which is RyoKame. XD but akame is still the bomb. XD That pairing absolutely amuses me! Too bad there isnt that many ryokame fics out there. =|

♥ Yea. I like Koki, but KoKame is a supper big NONO!! get away from kame, koki! haha... im one of the Kokame haters out there. *grins* XD no hard feelings, right? XD I like Koki and I like Kame but NO KOKAME!!!! It just doesn't work out. =_____= *shot*

♥ I luv Akame Fanfics~

♥ My Journal is 15% about myself, 5% Fangirling, and 80% fics. which still isnt much. XD

Try to comment me if you friended me. =]

♥ I dont want to hear anything about hating KAT-TUN or any other of my idols. XD

AKAME IS LUVED~!!! ♥ ♥ ♥